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Project Based Training - Why?

Why Project Based Training?

Project Based Training is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working on the project for major duration of the course compared to classroom training.

  • Project engages students' minds, and provides real-world relevance for learning.
  • Students who gain knowledge through Project based training are better able to apply what they know and can do to new situations.
  • Students learn to work in teams, communicate ideas, and manage themselves more effectively.
  • Project based training emphasizes real-world application of knowledge and skills, and the development of success skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, effective communication in a variety of media, and speaking & presentation skills.
  • Project based training allow teachers to work more closely with active, engaged students doing high-quality, meaningful work.
  • Project based training helps to get jobs or scale higher in positions. | All Rights Reserved
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