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Are you finding it difficult to find a job due to market slump?

Are you finding it difficult to find a job due to market slump?

Don't worry. It is good time to enhance your skills.

Do you know that more than 95% of worlds web sites are build using PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML?

Do you know that leading websites and portals such as Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo etc. are build using the above technologies?

Most IT job postings on leading job portals are from above technologies.

Therefore how and what should you learn from the above technologies?

  • Learn how to build functional, full-featured websites which utilize MySQL, PHP, and other current web development technologies.
  • Learn how to install, configure, and modify functional PHP constructs and MySQL databases for the web.
  • Learn to pair a secure PHP / MySQL backend of a website with a compelling visual interface made with CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript code.
  • Learn the basic principles and best practices of PHP and MySQL in a relevant, real world project.
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